Our award winning Vseries product line is a well thought out, durable, and reliable series of LED video panels, that produce a stunning video image. With a mix of six models all designed on the same rugged frame, the Vseries is a versatile and efficient option for live productions and installations alike. Designed in the USA with the user in mind, the Vseries, and it's cable-less magnetic modules make for an easily serviceable experience. And with our online Project Visualizer, designing and deploying a squareV LED wall is easy and streamlined.


  • V1:      1.9mm indoor rated - Coming soon.
  • V2:     2.5mm indoor rated
  • V3:     3.9mm indoor rated
  • V3w:  3.9mm outdoor rated
  • V5:     5.2mm indoor rated
  • V5w:  5.2mm outdoor rated
  • V7w:  7.1mm outdoor rated blow thru